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Cloud migration service

Accelerate your innovation by making it easier for you to successfully move your infrastructure to the cloud with our cloud consultants!

Choosing the right cloud solution has always been a complex undertaking. EBuildHost will work with you to provide the expertise you need so you can avoid common pitfalls and speed up your returns.

Our professional cloud consultants will first conduct a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure and business goals, and then we will establish an independent cloud migration plan. We’ll take care of moving your infrastructure to the cloud so you can minimize business risk, disruption and downtime.

After a successful migration, our cloud consultants can continue to work with you through future management and optimization services

How We Work

Evaluate your current infrastructure for secure and successful cloud services.
  • Evaluate your existing infrastructure, applications and network architecture to help design relocation priorities.
  • Research which public cloud platform or private cloud is right for your overall interests.
  • Design a cloud infrastructure that meets your security and risk requirements
  • Assess your current job and provide projected costs for future cloud services
  • Explore detailed deployment strategies and future recommendations for all applications
Move your application to the right cloud.
  • Working with EBuildHost’s consultants, we will work with you to determine what needs to be relocated to the cloud service.
  • Our consultants will fix your infrastructure issues caused by switching environments.
  • We’ll work with you to check that your applications, data, and networks work properly in the cloud.

Our Service

Consulting and Advisory Services

Let our dedicated team of cloud experts assist you in correctly moving your application or infrastructure to a public or private cloud!

Cloud Management Service

Let a professional team help you manage, operate and optimize your cloud environment, allowing you to gain an edge over your peers.

professional service

We'll design and build a cloud solution that's right for you, ensuring your goals are met

Ready to start your cloud journey?

From the first consultation to your day-to-day operations, we make every effort to get the job done. Contact us for a free quote.