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Create Database, User, and Assign Permissions in cPanel

In this tutorial, we will explore how to create a database, create a user, and assign permissions in cPanel. These steps are vital in setting up your website or application. Step 1: Log in to cPanel First, you’ll need to log into your cPanel account. You can find the cPanel URL in our welcome letter. […]

Restore File Backup in cPanel

In EBuildHost cPanel, you can restore your file backup anywhere, anytime. In this tutorial, we will cover how to use cPanel’s File and Directory Restoration feature to restore your file backups. This powerful feature can help you swiftly recover a previous version of your files if you’ve accidentally deleted or modified them. Important Note: Backup […]

Manage Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in the Client Area

2FA, or Two-Factor Authentication, is a security measure that requires two distinct forms of identification in order to access something, typically a digital account. This often involves something you know (like a password) and something you have (like a verification code sent to your phone). By requiring two forms of identification, 2FA significantly increases the […]