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EBuildHost is one of the many web hosting providers in Hong Kong. We provide a variety of different service plans, and there will always be one suitable for you! You can open an account immediately after successfully applying for the service online. We also provide free and painless web page relocation services, never charge any setting fees, and the relocation process will not affect the existing website operations.
The application and configuration in the server keep pace with time to make the guest website performance better.

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$free/7 days

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$free/7 days

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Handle issue

If the website is not working properly, EBuildHost will start checking the cause of the error within 15 minutes of receiving the report and make the website work properly.

24/7 Technical Support

Sometimes there is a problem with your website or service late at night and you can't find help? Our genuine 24x7 technical support service can help you.

99% Uptime Guarantee

Ensure your website is up and running 24/7

Backup everyday

We back up your account daily for up to 30 days with your original files, and even if something goes wrong, we can restore your backups for free, so you can use your files with confidence!

Free Migration

New customers can apply for assistance from EBuildHost within 30 days of successfully starting the service, and our relocation team will help to move your website and emails to our server painlessly, without affecting the operation of your current website!

24/7 Server monitor

24x7 server monitoring to identify and deal with server problems at the earliest opportunity.

Using Hard Disk Drive and optimization technologies

Over time, customers are now able to get a lot of capacity at a lower price and we've made different optimizations to our traditional hard drive servers.

Enterprise SSD

Compared with traditional hardware, the access speed of SSD is up to 3X faster, which significantly improves read and write performance, thereby improving website performance.

Free trial

Customers only need to bring their own domain name to experience the top server experience for free, so they may apply now

Free SSL Certificate

All hosting services include a free cPanel AutoSSL certificate. For your convenience, AutoSSL is pre-installed on your service.

Unlimited bandwidth

There is no need to worry about general traffic usage, we do not charge extra, but if we find strange traffic we will check the cause.

cPanel WHM

cPanel is the go-to control panel for most hosting services, It uses GUI so even if you have zero technical knowledge
Manage email account, File Manager, Sub-domain and database ...etc

Free one-click installation of more than 140 common applications

EBuildHost one-click installer support WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, open cart ...etc PHP application. The most stable version of the CMS is also available for one-click installation, so you don't need much web programming expertise.
With one-click installation, you can quickly deploy a wide range of popular PHP applications without the hassle and complexity of installation and instructions.