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CloudLinux OS

Improve server stability and security


What is CloudLinux?

CloudLinux OS is a Linux system specially used by web hosting providers. It is developed by the software company CloudLinux, Inc.. Its main feature is a lightweight virtual environment that can provide each customer on the server with its own CPU, Limits on memory, I/O, IOPS, number of processes and number of files.

Today’s websites use more server resources

With the changes in technology, mainstream websites are now developed using PHP and MySQL. The most common WordPress accounted for global websites.42%. Take WordPress as an example. The server needs to calculate and execute PHP and database commands, and then display the results in HTML. Compared with the previous websites that were mainly developed using HTML, the resources used are relatively high.

Problems faced by traditional web hosting providers

low performance

Traditional providers will use a server to store a large number of customers to share all resources, so as long as one of the customers in the server uses excessive resources, your website will be down or slow.
Generally, you need to wait for the customer's instruction to complete or wait for the supplier to process it before it can be used normally.

thumb down

When one of the websites has a loophole, the implanted malicious code will infect other websites. You can only wait for the supplier to restore the backup for you and have the opportunity to leak your customer data. This is one of the most serious problems.

How CloudLinux solves the problems faced by traditional vendors

performance 1

CloudLinux uses its excellent management technology to set the maximum amount of CPU, memory, I/O, IOPS, number of processes and number of files that can be used for each account, so that when a certain part of the website uses a lot of resources, it will not affect you. The website of EBuildHost can effectively prevent the resources of the host from being exhausted, thereby improving the stability. The online rate of the website is one of the most important aspects of EBuildHost.


The CageFS technology provided by CloudLinux isolates the environment of each hosting account, so that even if other people's websites are infected by viruses, your archives can be safely unaffected. In addition, CloudLinux also provides continuous updates and maintenance vulnerabilities for each PHP version.


EBuildHost server has fully supported CloudLinux

Regardless of any web hosting plan, EBuildHost's servers use CloudLinux, so that you can use our services more confidently.

Welcome to apply for our web hosting service, with traditional hard disk and solid-state hard disk series for you to choose from. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

No, all hosting servers in EBuildHost already include CloudLinux and its functions.

unnecessary. The server system management and maintenance are all handled by us. We will provide a guest area and cPanel to make it easier for guests to manage storage services.

CloudLinux SHARED PRO is the version we use. In addition to the basic version, it also has additional functions "PHP X-Ray" and "WordPress optimization tool"