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WooCommerce Hosting

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Designed for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Hosting is using EBuildHost’s SSD hosting service to store your website files on SSDs, which is significantly faster, safer and more efficient than traditional hard drives.

Using SSDs to read and write your database is one of our biggest advantages.

WooCommerce Hosting Plans



50% Off
$59/mo Discounted from $118/mo
$7.75/mo Discounted from $15.49/mo


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$84/mo Discounted from $168/mo
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*New customers can enjoy a special discount on their first sign-up, renewal will revert back to the original price.

Enterprise SSD

Compared with traditional hard drives, SSDs provide about 3x faster access speeds, improving read and write performance significantly, thus enhancing website performance.

24x7 Technical Support

Sometimes there is a problem with your website or service late at night but can't find support? Our real 24x7 technical support service can help you, and you can upgrade to our advanced technical support.
Learn more about advanced technical support

Free Migration Service

New clients can apply to EBuildHost for assistance in the relocation of their website within 30 days of successfully starting the service, and our relocation team will assist in the painless relocation of your website to our server, with no disruption to your current website!

Free SSL Certificate

All hosting services already include a free cPanel AutoSSL certificate. For your convenience, AutoSSL is pre-installed on your website.

Free One-Click Installation Of Over 44X Common Applications

We support WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, Discuz, openCart and many more PHP scripts. With a one-click installation, you can quickly deploy a wide range of popular PHP applications without the hassle and complexity of installation and commands.

Support cPanel

cPanel is currently the most popular web management platform, allowing you to easily manage your own web hosting services.Add email accounts, manage files, sub-domains, databases and more.

Daily Backup

We will back up your files daily for up to 30 days so you can restore them for free in case of any problems, giving you peace of mind.


Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) use spinning magnetic media to store data. Compared with SSD, HDD is slower to read and write, takes longer to access, and has the benefit of lower cost per GB of storage.

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are usually used to store data in flash memory, with SSDs offering faster read/write speeds and shorter access times (lower latency) than HDDs, with the disadvantage of higher cost per GB of storage.

However, EBuildHost’s web hosting plans use a mix of traditional hard drives and SSDs, giving the server the advantages of both SSD caching and HDD capacity.

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